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Cluck Ranch

We are a family working at being good stewards of the land God has given us.  Our mission on the ranch is to use the land in the most efficient way so it will provide for our family and future generations.

Sheep - Goats - Chickens - Eggs

We came to Mountain View, Missouri from the Texas Panhandle with Red Angus Cattle.  We have had a lot to learn moving from a low rainfall area to a high rainfall area.  We added sheep and goats to the ranch to help utilize all the land and help diversify us.  As we continue to learn about our land we continue to change our operation.  We have now  dispersed our  cow herd and are focusing on getting the land healthy with sheep and goats.

 The Whitten's are now offering pasture raised nonGMO chicken and eggs.

Whether you are interested in, Dorper sheep, Spanish goats, Chickens, Eggs or seeing how we are working on soil health to produce nutrient dense food check out what we have to offer.


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Cluck Ranch

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