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Cluck Ranch

Our Health Journey

Why We Changed The way we Eat


Health issues in the family caused us to take a good look at how eating healthy could change our issues.  Now we are trying to use our food as medicine and to keep us healthy.



Here you will find the recipes that we love for healthy living.  Make sure and check out the blog to watch the latest videos showing us meal prep with some of these recipes.  



We have learned so much! These are the books and products we love! 

Where you get your food matters!


 As a result of our family health crisis, we became convinced that how we manage our soil, plants and animals will directly affect the health of those who consume the products of our farming practices.  We are on a simple mission to produce nutrient-dense foods that heal and nourish our land and those who eat from it. 

Healthy Eating on the Ranch

Find links to ingredients and other products we have used in the videos